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Photos by Pierre Verger and Mario Cravo Neto



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"A plot of land", the term used for a Candomblé *) -place of worship, found on a large tract of land, which allows direct access to nature. Smaller places of worship without a surrounding tract of land, frequently referred to as only a "casa" (house) bezeichnet.

"Every terreiro appears to be a miniature Africa, whereby the spatial conception of the cosmic-vision of the Yoruba people *) plays a major role. This acquired 'open space' must exist 'outside' in wilderness, as opposed to the social space that the slaves and later their descendants were given by the dominating whites or the urban society set up by the white population. Both inseparably united parts of the universe are represented in the terreiro: Orun, the Sky, and Aiyé, the Earth... What becomes visualized and 're-territorialized' here is a qualitative Africa." [1]




Moema Parente Augel: AXÉ - Lebensenergie und sakrale Kraft. Die dynamische Struktur der Welt der Orixá. In: Trigon Nr. 4, Berlin 1994, p. 87

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